Christa Theret Nude Scenes From “Renoir”

The video above features French actress Christa Theret’s full frontal nude scenes from the film “Renoir”.

As you can see, Christa Theret plays a saucy redheaded minx who gets tricked into showing off her sinful ginger fire crotch in the name of “art”. Of course the French are famous for pretending that there is some sort of aesthetically pleasing qualities to a woman’s blasphemous bare flesh in order to get some pussy… But if these degenerate frogs knew anything about good taste then why are they desperately importing so many of us Muslims to culturally enrich their backwards nation?

Rest assured that us Muslims will educate the French on style and sophistication, and soon enough the only topless women they will be seeing are the ones who dared to defy holy Sharia law and got their heads chopped off and stuck on a spike.