Hayden Panettiere Naked And Begging For Her Life

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Just hours after the Orange Sultan Trump declared victory over ISIS in Syria, this photo of beloved infidel actress Hayden Panettiere on her knees naked and begging for her worthless life was released by the group.

Clearly Trump’s boastful claim of victory was completely false, for the lions of Islam in ISIS can not be beaten by a few piddly drone strikes and the cutting off of arms from Brother Obama’s State Department… And this nude Hayden Panettiere pic proves this point.

nude-celebs, hayden-panettiere, celeb-jihad

Unfortunately Hayden’s interrogation was quite problematic, as the traditional method of sticking a rile in her face and shouting loudly in Arabic was ineffective.

Luckily our ISIS brothers are skilled interrogators, and they quickly found a method of questioning that had Hayden eagerly spilling all of heathen Hollywood’s deepest darkest secrets (as you can see from the video clip above). Once this vital intel reaches us through our backchannels we will no doubt be able to use it to wage an even mightier Jihad against our sworn Zionist enemies in the entertainment industry.