Juno Temple vs. Sophie Cookson Nude “Killer Joe”

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In the video clip below we compare Juno Temple’s nude scene from the movie “Killer Joe” with Sophie Cookson’s same nude scene from the play adaptation of the film.

As you can see these actresses took vastly different approaches to this scene, with Juno going with a hesitant and demure stripping, and Sophie opting for a fiery slut show. This speaks to the differences between the theater and the big screen… For Sophie has to convey her character’s extreme depravity to a full live audience which requires bold gestures of degeneracy, while Juno on the other hand can express her sinful nature with much subtly.

If you are a masochist who wishes to see more of Juno Temple’s nude scenes from the movie “Killer Joe”, you can see her full performance brightened and color-corrected in the video above.