Aisling Knight Nude Scenes From “The Sitter”

The video above features Aisling Knight’s fully nude scenes from the film “The Sitter”.

As you can see this movie appears to be the true story of a Satanic slut (played by Aisling Knight) who has sex with demons. This sort of demonic depravity is quite common in the infidel West, as Muslim scientists estimate that nearly 60% of heathen female loins are possessed by djinns.

Of course the only way to cure the crotches of these women is to perform an Islamic exorcism in which a pious cleric recites verses from the holy Qur’an while thrusting his righteous rod in and out of their orifices. Once he is satisfied that all the evil spirits have been driven out he will empty the sanctified semen from his ball satchel purifying the pussy. I myself am certified in such procedures, but I must issue a disclaimer that it does not work on fat chicks so they need not apply.