Christy Romano Nude Shower Scene In 4K High Definition

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Former Disney star Christy Romano (she played “Ren” on the hit early 2000’s series “Even Stevens”) shows off her immodestly feminine body in a completely nude shower scene from the movie “Mirrors 2” in the 4K ultra high definition video clips below.

Seeing Christy Romano’s naked body in such striking detail certainly brings one thing to mind… How sweet it is going to be to lapidate this brazen big breasted whore.

Yes our pious Muslim meat scuds grow rigid and prepare to launch at the thought of the stones of justice striking Christy down for this blasphemous crime against morality. Perhaps we will film her execution with one of those fancy IMAX cameras, so that we have a video with the highest resolution possible that we can watch over and over again as our mighty tunic snakes froth at the mouth in righteous approval.