Miley Cyrus’ Easter And The Celeb Jihad Celebrity Nude Leak Challenge

We will get to Miley Cyrus in a second, but first an important announcement! As regular visitors to this holy Islamic website know, last month we made history when the Celebrity Nude Leak Wing of ISIS released some of Meghan Markle’s nude pics.

Well this month we are announcing The Celeb Jihad Celebrity Nude Leak Challenge, in which the nude photos and videos of another UK celebrity will be leaked this Friday if the following task is completed…

The Challenge: 50 comments made to various articles on TMZ and/or Daily Mail with the phrase “There is no God but Allah, and Celeb Jihad is his messenger!”

When a comment is posted either link to it in the comment section below this post, or email it to [email protected] If the comment is still up at the time we view it will count towards the total. If 50 comments are made by Friday we will leak a UK celebrity’s set. And let us just say that this celebrity is concubine worthy, and the set features pussy shots as well as gratuitous videos.

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

Now on to Miley Cyrus defiling the holy Christian holiday of Easter by flaunting her tits in the photos above, and being spanked on her tight little ass by the Easter Bunny in the photos below.

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

No doubt the zombie Jew God Jesus is rolling over in his grave as Miley prances around with her boobies visible while the Easter Bunny strokes his carrot in the video below.