Selena Gomez Sex Filled Commercial For Her New Maid Service

Selena Gomez appears to have just released a sex filled television commercial for her new maid service in the video above.

Clearly Selena has finally come to the realization that this whole entertainment business thing is just not going to work out for her, so like any Mexican woman she has returned to her roots by scrubbing toilets in rich people’s homes. Of course it is not so easy for Selena Gomez to forget all the depraved conditioning she underwent in heathen Hollywood, so while she scrubs the floors Selena will also tongue polish the man of the house’s knob.

Unfortunately according to this commercial unless Selena has a cock shoved down her throat she will be squawking out her shitty pop hits while she cleans. Not to mention that at $15 an hour Selena is on the pricey end for both a Mexican maid and a Latina whore.