Gillian Jacobs Nude Scene From “Choke”

The video above features Gillian Jacobs’ nude scene from the film “Choke”.

From this nude scene one gets a real sense of why they titled this movie “Choke”, for after seeing Gillian Jacobs brazenly display her pasty titties us pious Muslims want to wring her neck. Sadly we don’t get to find out whether or not Gillian has the skin cancer mentioned in this scene, but Allah only inflicts cancer upon those who are deserving of suffering and Gillian certainly fits the bill.

Of course Gillian Jacobs is best known for being one of the main characters on the popular TV series “Community”. However, she has currently hit rock bottom and is starring in the Netflix original TV series “Love”, in which she plays a whore who inexplicably falls in love with a fugly mouth breather uber-Jew nerd. No doubt when Gillian saw her “Love” co-star Paul Rust’s enormous schnoz she wished that she would have just stuck to doing nude scenes while playing strippers.