Taylor Swift Special Live Sex Video

Taylor Swift appears to have just released a special live hardcore sex performance to her hit song “Style” in the video above.

What a thrill it must have been for Taylor’s degenerate fanbase of “Swifties” to witness their idol strutting her stuff on stage in front of giant screens of her sucking and f*cking this guy. In fact, it is almost enough to distract from Taylor’s horrible singing.

With this video Taylor Swift has once again proven herself to an innovator who is well ahead of her time, for this live sex concert is surely the future for pop music in the West. As ticket prices continue to skyrocket, infidel music fans are going to start demanding that these stars do more to satisfy their insatiable depraved appetites. According to Muslim sociologists specializing in kuffar culture, by the end of the century pop concerts will be nothing more then giant orgies in which VIPs will be invited to gang bang artists like Taylor Swift onstage to the delight of all in attendance.