Emma Roberts Covered Topless Photo

emma-roberts, celeb-jihad

Emma Roberts barely covers her itty bitty titties with her elbows in the topless photo above.

This covered topless photo is extremely offensive to us pious Muslim men, for Emma mocks Islam by wearing a turban while prostituting her sinful bare boobies. The holy Qur’an is very clear that all women’s breasts are shameful and harem, and so it certainly doesn’t matter how unfeminine Emma Robert’s chesticles are since they are still in violation of Sharia law.

Rest assured that Emma will pay dearly for this turban and titty heresy, and that the next time she is in a topless photo it will be of another variety, as she will be kneeling in the hot desert sand in an orange jumpsuit while a righteous mujahedin executioner will be standing behind her with his sharpened scimitar. Now that will be a topless Emma Roberts pic that will make me grab a turban out of the laundry hamper to shoot fat ropes into.