Taylor Swift’s Nipples Visible In A See Thru Top

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Taylor Swift exposes her sinful nipples while in a whimsical wintry see through top in the photo above.

On their own Taylor’s shameful pink tit toppers are a sickening sight to behold, but the bedazzled ice crystals on Taylor’s dress in the photo above appear to have caused her areola to become erect thus intensifying their nauseating effect on the viewer.

Of course what is most offensive about Taylor’s breasts are that they are far too small to nurse a hearty Muslim baby, yet just big enough to make her appear somewhat feminine and not like one of our beloved bacha bazi (dancing boys). Yes it is a good thing that Taylor is a barren old shrew of a woman, for a baby would surely starve to death trying to suckle nourishment from her pathetically tiny spoiled milk sacks.