Cate Blanchett And Rooney Mara’s Lesbian Sex Scene From “Carol”

Two-time Academy Award winning actress Cate Blanchett dykes out with Rooney Mara in the nude lesbian sex scene above from the film “Carol”.

This scene is bad enough with blasphemous lesboqueer sex being an abomination against nature, but seeing an old dried-up husk of a woman like Cate Blanchett pawing and suckling at the teat of a younger possibly autistic girl with a bowl haircut is just too much for any pious Muslim to endure and it caused me to vomit up my delicious tabbouleh and deep fried camel’s balls lunch all over my keyboard.

Certainly the sinful lesbodykes Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara must pay for promoting the sickening immorality that is girl-on-girl twat tonguing. And you better believe that when they are finally put on trial in Sharia court for this crime I will be one of the first to testify against them, and they will have to answer for both the loss of my lunch and the damage to my computer. Perhaps I will be compensated for my suffering by being granted the honor of being the first stone thrower and their lapidations.