Jessica Alba Naked And Rubbing Herself

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Jessica Alba pulls aside her panties and rubs her naked sin slit in the disturbing photo above.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see Jessica Alba giving into her immoral lustful urges like this, for like nearly all infidel women she has not been properly cleansed of her lecherous djinns through the purification of daily beatings and female circumcision.

Yes if Jessica would of had her shameful clitoris ground down into a desensitized nub of scar tissue and her engorged lady lips shaven off, then we wouldn’t be subjected to this sort of brazen display of self-pleasuring. For there is nothing more blasphemous then the sight of female sexual enjoyment, as the holy Qur’an is very clear that sex with a woman should only be endured for procreation purposes and the woman must never show any signs of pleasure. Thankfully my wives follow this edict perfectly… In fact they often grimace and tear up when I thrust my might meat scud inside of them… Which of course only makes me harder.