Taylor Swift Laying Naked While Writing Songs For A New Album

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Believe it or not, even with her last album “1989” still near the top of the charts, Taylor Swift is already hard at work writing songs for a new album.

As you can see in the photo above, Taylor Swift has started her creative process for coming up with new hit singles by laying around completely naked outside with a pen and some paper. Taylor then invites strangers who happen by to fill her various orifices up with their man meat then leave, so that she can be inspired to write more catchy pop hits about love and loss.

Yes it should come as no surprise to anyone who has listened to any of Taylor Swift’s ridiculously depraved lyrics to see her in the nude while writing songs. In fact, the only surprising thing about this photo is that Taylor appears to have completed four new tracks, and there are no visible globs of semen oozing out of her mouth, anus, or vaginal hole.