Katy Perry Nude Under The Christmas Tree

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Katy Perry laying completely nude under the Christmas tree is the gift that keeps on giving… Not because she is a particularly great present of course, but rather because if you open her up you are sure to contract an incurable strain of militant herpes.

Yes stuffing Katy Perry’s stocking will have your yule log burning as if it was in a roaring fire. If you are unlucky enough to have Santa leave her naked under your tree this year, do not try decking her halls or jingling her bells or your chestnuts will end up roasted.

A naked Katy Perry is certainly no holiday treat, and she should be lashed through the snow with Christmas tree branches until her hindquarters are as red as Rudolph’s nose and then lapidated with lumps of coal while a choir of children sing Christmas carols. Unfortunately the pathetic baby Jesus worshipers lack the moral fortitude to carry out such a righteous holiday celebration.