Jessica Alba Posts Depressing Bikini Top Selfie

jessica-alba, celeb-jihad

Jessica Alba just shared the depressing bikini top selfie above to her Snapchat account.

As you can see, not only is Jessica flaunting her sad sagging tit meat in this photo, but she is also opening up about her completely unfulfilled home life. Of course it is not at all surprising that an old whore like Jessica Alba finds herself suffering emotional distress from an existential crisis, as she has spent her life pursuing frivolities and sin.

Any life not lived in service to Allah as described by the teaching of the blessed Prophet is devoid of real meaning, and can provide no respite from the pains of existence. Jessica Alba appears to be finally coming to this startling realization. Luckily for her it is not too late to make a change, and give her life story a happy ending worth remembering. All she needs to do is find a martyr vest and a crowded Israeli bus stop.