Selena Gomez Posts Bikini Selfie

selena-gomez, celeb-jihad

Selena Gomez just posted the bikini selfie above to her Instagram account.

Perhaps if Selena spent less time photographing her nearly nude doughy body in bikinis while in bathrooms like this, and more time exerting herself by scrubbing the toilets like a good Mexican day laborer her midsection wouldn’t be such a disgustingly flabby mess.

If Selena Gomez worked for us powerful Muslims you better believe that her stomach would look much better than this, as she’d have six pack abs from the long hours of hard labor out in the fields and bruises along her rib cage from getting kicked in the side at the first sign of slacking off. Of course you wouldn’t be able to see any of that as she would always be in a burka, and the only selfie she’d ever take would be for her fake passport to sneak into the West with a martyr vest.