Jennette McCurdy Flashing Her Boobs Outside

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Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy flashes her boobs outside in the leaked topless photo above.

From this picture it is clear that Jennette lost a bet, and had to go out and expose her flabby milk sacks in public. Unfortunately the real losers of this bet were us pious Muslims, as the sight of Jennette’s sad sagging tit meat and perfectly circular and sinfully pink areola has offended our superior aesthetic.

For as long as degenerate sluts like Jennette McCurdy are allowed to operate with impunity in the depraved West, us Muslims will continue to suffer these outrageous abuses. Islam is first and foremost a religion of peace, and so every Muslim longs for the day that whores like Jennette are wiped from the map in a great culling, so that we can finally get some rest without the constant fear of seeing blasphemous feminine flesh.