The Best Of Lia Marie Johnson’s Snapchat Videos

18-year-old up-and-coming Hollywood starlet and Internet sensation, Lia Marie Johnson, just deleted her Snapchat after a hacker broke into the her account and posted a photo of a big black dick to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

While us Muslims commend Lia Marie Johnson for completely obliterating her account after having it tainted with abid penis, we are certainly sad to see her leave Snapchat, as her constant attention whoring of her supple nubile teen titties were an inspiration to many of us Jihadist in our fight against the infidel for we know that 72 girls like Lia await us in Paradise.

In honor of Lia Marie Johnson’s illustrious Snapchat career the video above features a compilation of her best Snapchat video moments. Let us take the time to reflect upon and appreciate Lia’s tremendous contributions to both social media and Islam, for we may never again see another inane video of Lia bouncing those luscious boobies while twirling around and giggling like a twit.