Katy Perry Cooling Off Naked By A Pool

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Summer is here and unfortunately that means that celebrity harlots like Katy Perry are stripping out of their clothes in an effort to try and beat the heat.

As you can see in the photo above, Katy gets naked, spreads her legs, and airs out her sex organs to cool down while lounging by a pool. One can only hope that some of the pool’s heavily chlorinated water splashed up and soaked Katy’s filthy lady parts, as they no doubt stink like a sewer rat with leprosy.

Katy may have been able to get brief break from the blazing summer sun by getting naked by this pool, but there will be no respite from the heat when she is burning for all eternity in the hellfire for this and her numerous other crimes against morality. Yes rest assured that in the end when Katy sits in judgement before Allah she will wish that she had spent the summer months sweating it out in a thick black wool burka, rather than whoring her nude flesh in the photo above.