Salma Hayek Nude Compilation Video

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Salma Hayek was recently given the “Decade of Hotness” award at Spike TV’s “Guy’s Choice Awards” in honor of her illustrious career whoring her nude body in heathen Hollywood. And after seeing the compilation video below of all of Salma Hayek’s nude scenes it easy to see why she was chosen for this “honor”, as her eagerness to get naked on screen is nearly unmatched in the entertainment business.

Of course us Muslims do not agree with the decision to give Salma the “Decade of Hotness” award. For a woman with Salma’s immodestly large breasts and extreme willingness to show them off, deserves much more than a decade of hotness. In fact, us Muslims would love to give Salma an eternity of hotness in the form of sending her to burn in the hellfire for her numerous crimes against morality.

Unfortunately until that glorious day comes, we will have to continue to suffer the sight of Salma Hayek’s bare bulbous breasts and remarkably tight ass at the movies.