Beyonce Shows Massive Swimsuit Cleavage

celeb-jihad, beyonce

The creature known only as “Beyonce” shows her massive savage cleavage while laying around in a swimsuit in the disturbing photos below.

Of course Beyonce can not really be blamed for whoring her primitive tit meat like this, as she is not familiar with the wearing of swimsuits. In fact, Beyonce is only really comfortable when she is back at home in the jungle swinging from the vines with her boobies out flapping in the breeze.

Yes the Zionists have gone too far by removing Beyonce from her natural habitat and forcing her to live in the civilized world so that they can profit off of her primal slutty ways. When Islam conquers the West we will free Beyonce and the other she-boons back into the wild, so that they can finally be free and we no longer have to suffer the sight of them constantly jiggling their bulbous brown breasts and twerking their enormously engorged rumps.


celeb-jihad, beyonce celeb-jihad, beyonce
celeb-jihad, beyonce celeb-jihad, beyonce