Emma Watson Caught On Camera Nude At The Beach

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“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson was caught on camera trying to get an all over tan by sunning her completely nude body at the beach in the photo above.

While Emma Watson’s body is certainly pleasingly unfeminine and reminiscent of a Bacha Bazi’s (dancing boy) tight nubile frame, the fact that she is still genetically a woman makes this brazen public nudity haram and an insult to Islam.

Yes the holy Qur’an is very clear about the shamefulness of the nude female form and the djinns that inhabit a woman’s sinful sex organs. So for Emma Watson to expose herself at the beach like this, not only is she committing an act of blasphemy, but she is also perpetrating a very serious public safety hazard. For who knows what malicious vaginal weevils she secreted into the ocean breeze which will now sicken the minds of pious Muslims with lecherous yearnings. In fact I myself fear I may have been infected by Emma as there appears to be a severe stirring in my loins.