McKayla Maroney Struggles To Contain Her Boobs On Video

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McKayla Maroney is in the process of making the transition from gold medal winning Olympic gymnast to full time social media attention whore.

If McKayla is going to be a professional social media slut then she is going to have to up her game, and that means that she can not just post subtle whorish photos to Instagram (like the one above). To that end McKayla has started promoting herself through videos on YouTube as well. These videos usually consist of McKayla moronically babbling for 20 minutes while slightly bent over showing some cleavage.

However, every so often McKayla shares some true words of wisdom and then a large helping of her tit meat, as was the case in the video above of McKayla and her teen friend giggling and falling off the bed while excitably discussing how hard us Muslims’ manhoods are. McKayla then goes on to talk some politics saying how unimpressed she is with President Obama while her nipple nearly falls out of her tight top.

This is certainly McKayla’s best social media video performance yet, and if she keeps it up she will no doubt have a bright future ahead of her in online sluttery.