Ariana Grande Vagina Slip In Concert

celeb-jihad, ariana-grande

Ariana Grande’s tight little vagina slips out of her leotard while she performs in concert in the photo above.

As you can see in the zoomed in photo below, that is clearly Ariana’s disgusting cock pocket peeking through the sheer fabric of her bedazzled slut suit.

celeb-jihad, ariana-grande

Of course Ariana would be better able to control her labia if she had had them chopped off with a scimitar as a child like a pious Muslimina. For the Qur’an is very clear that a woman’s genital area should be just a mound of desensitized scar tissue surrounding a hole to prevent both lip slips and sinful female sexual pleasure.

Yes if Ariana Grande’s parents had made the wise choice and had their daughter circumcised then we wouldn’t be affronted with the sight of her unshorn piss flaps in this photo… And she would not have disgraced her clan by becoming the filthy mudshark whore that she is today.