Olivia Wilde Gets Naked For The NFL Draft

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The NFL draft is being held tomorrow, and to celebrate actress Olivia Wilde strips naked and poses with a football in the photo above.

What better way to commemorate the next crop of degenerate dirt skin thugs becoming millionaires, then for a vapid white liberal whore like Olivia Wilde to expose her sinful feminine flesh.

The fact that the NFL owners take no responsibility for their new abids and allow them to run amok in society, just goes to show that the infidels don’t know the first thing about owning Sub-Saharan slaves. You better believe that if us powerful Muslims ran the NFL the players would be securely locked away in their pens under the stadium every night, and the only reward they’d receive would be an extra half serving of cornbread or collard greens at meal time. Trust me when I tell you that the crack of a whip gets a black man motivated and moving a lot faster than a few million dollars ever could.