Keira Knightley Poses Completely Nude In B&W Photo

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Actress Keira Knightley poses completely nude in the refreshing black and white photo above.

What a joy it is to look upon Keira Knightley’s androgynous nude frame in this photo, for as of late too many female celebrities have been flaunting their immodest bosomy breasts and sinful womanly curves. If only all girls had bodies as completely unfeminine as Keira Knightley we could do away with the burka, for the sight of them would be completely halal.

In fact, if one were to look at Keira from the waist up in this photo, one could easily mistake her for a beautiful bacha bazi (dancing boy). That is of course the highest compliment a nude woman could ever hope to get from a Muslim, and it has me wondering how tight Keira’s anus is and if she knows how to preform “The Dance of the Seven Veils”.