Cara Delevingne Gets Naked And Shares Her Favorite Holiday Tradition

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British supermodel Cara Delevingne gets naked and shares her favorite holiday tradition of getting wasted and pissing into the punch bowl in the new issue of Delicious magazine.

Cara Develvingne reveals that the secret to her family’s famous spicy holiday punch is to get trashed on gin and peppermint schnapps and then urinate into a giant bowl of apple cider. Cara claims that the heavy stench of ammonia from her liquor induced piss adds the aromatics needed to really capture the spirit of the holiday season. Plus with Cara’s urine checking in at a respectable 40% alcohol it will certainly provide more than enough kick to induce some serious Christmas cheer.

You’ll just have to buy the magazine to see what other holiday tips Cara Delevingne serves up, but lets just say it is well worth the money as there is a particularly interesting craft project involving a pine cone and Cara’s anus that people will enjoy.