Katy Perry Bends Over And Prays To Allah

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

Katy Perry drops down, bends over, and prays to Allah while performing in concert in the GIF above.

This Katy Perry GIF is a testament to the almighty power of Allah. For if a hopeless degenerate slut like Katy Perry can be so overcome by his greatness that she begins praying in the middle of one her heathen sex shows, then there is no denying that Allah is the one true God.

Of course if Katy Perry wants to be a true Muslim then she must atone for the sins of her past. In Katy’s case her sins are vast and slutty, so the only way to make amends is through the cleansing act of martyrdom. Yes when Katy Perry puts on the martyr vest and walks into that crowded Tel Aviv marketplace all her years of whoring for the Zionist music industry will be wiped clean, and she will be welcomed into paradise were she will service the manhoods of us pious Muslims for all eternity. Truly Islam is a beautiful and forgiving religion.