Vanessa Hudgens Caught Having Sex

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Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens appears to have been caught on camera having sex in the GIF above.

Of course Vanessa Hudgens being filmed having sex should come as no surprise, for if there is one thing we know about her from the number of times she has had nude photos leaked it is that she is a vile exhibitionist slut.

In this sex GIF Vanessa Hudgens is riding a man in the position known as “reverse cowgirl”. While the appeal of this position is obvious (as one would not have to look at Vanessa’s face), it is still extremely offensive to us pious Muslims, as allowing a woman to be on top in a dominate position is blasphemous. The Qur’an is very clear that the only halal sex position is doggy style, with the woman’s face mashed firmly into the bed (or pile of hay) to muffle any sinful moans she might unleash, anything else is heresy.