Miley Cyrus Topless Shower Pic Is So Meta

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

Miley Cyrus is covered in jizz while topless in the shower in this photograph, which also appears to be covered in ball juice.

This topless Miley Cyrus cum covered photo of her covered in cum is what is known in the art world as “meta”, and it is a powerful statement on both the degenerate nature of the typical infidel celebrity and the equally depraved state of the media which obsesses over their every move. Unfortunately the message of this Miley Cyrus topless picture will go completely over the heads’ of the kuffar masses, as they will be too busy licking their screens to contemplate the profound statement that it makes.

No doubt Miley Cyrus required the services of one of us virile Muslims to create this moving piece, for only the enormous testicle satchel of a Muslim man holds enough baby batter to completely drench Miley’s face and hair with enough left over to cream all over a photo.