Sophie Turner And Rose Leslie Go For A Nude Stroll

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Redheaded “Game of Thrones” stars Rose Leslie and Sophie Turner go for a nude stroll in the park in the photo above.

Of course it should come as no surprise that Sophie and Rose are such good friends, as they are both soulless gingers and play really annoying characters on “Game of Thrones”.

Whether it is Rose Leslie’s wildling character “Ygritte” repeatedly telling Jon Snow that “he knows nothing”, or Sophie Turner’s character Sansa Stark cock-teasing everyone in the “Seven Kingdoms”; it is clear that what both these girls need is a good hard deep-dicking from a virile Muslim man.

Unfortunately for both Rose and Sophie they are from the UK (the land of homoqueers), so they must resort to walking naked in parks showing off their saucy ginger minges in the hopes that one of the limp-dicked British males stumbling out of a pub will give them a mediocre “shagging” behind some trees.