Emma Stone Becoming A Lesbian

emma-stone, celeb-jihad

In the GIF above you can actually see the moment in which actress Emma Stone becomes a lesbian, as a busty woman’s bare breasts get pressed against her face.

There is nothing more offensive to Allah then women engaged in passionate lesboqueer love making. Just the thought of Emma Stone’s tongue working its way around this woman’s nipples as her hand slowly slides down her stomach and begins massaging her moist lady cave makes us true Muslims rigid in with indignation.

Since they are immoral by nature, women have no hope of controlling their sinful sexual desires, so when confronted with an opportunity to rub their clits together they will almost certainly take it (as Emma Stone is about to do in this GIF). The only thing us righteous men can do to get women to live a virtuous life free of heated lesbian sex is to circumcise them properly and make sure we keep them locked up in their cages at night.