Once Again Katy Perry Gets Banged By Muhammad’s Ghost

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

The Blessed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not only the most masculine man ever to walk the earth, but he was also the most virile. So it should come as no surprise that even in death Muhammad is still an accomplished cocksman, and he often ventures down from Paradise to plow unsuspecting busty women and tight smooth boys.

With that in mind, the video in the GIF above clearly shows the specter of our Blessed Prophet once again turning pop star Katy Perry around and pounding her with his enormous supernatural cock. Of course this is now the third time (here are the first and second) that Muhammad has honored Katy with a mighty phantom f*cking.

Why Muhammad keeps visiting Katy Perry’s sin hole is anyone’s guess, but one can not help but speculate that perhaps it reminds a nostalgic Muhammad of his boyhood home in an enormous damp cave on the outskirts of Mecca. Or it may be as simple as Katy Perry being a quick in and out, and Muhammad being a busy man in the afterlife tormenting the Jews burning in the eternal hellfire. I don’t know, so I’ll leave it to Islam’s top scholarly minds to try and figure it out.