Mila Kunis Naked On A Couch Photo Shoot

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Mila Kunis spreads her legs while naked on a casting couch in the series of photos below.

No doubt this Mila Kunis nude photo shoot is from an audition for yet another undeserved starring movie role. For despite having a really annoying voice and no discernible talent, Mila manages to have quite the career in heathen Hollywood thanks to her willingness to get naked and spread eagle for producers and casting directors on crappy couches from the 1970’s such as this one.

In fact rumor has it that Mila Kunis only got the job as the voice of Meg on “Family Guy” when her bare ass cheeks made a farting noise after getting stuck on a particularly junky patent leather sofa. “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane was apparently so amused by this fart sound that he giggled like a little girl for 10 minutes straight, and then hired Mila on the spot.


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