Emma Watson Offends Muslims By Graduating From College

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Emma Watson has once again greatly offended us pious Muslims! Yesterday Emma graduated from Brown University with a degree in English Literature (and a minor in licking twats). She is no doubt excited to use her degree to start her new career living at home with her parents, working at Starbucks, and complaining about how unfair student loans are.

Has there ever been a more backwards, unnatural, and dangerous idea then allowing women to get an education? Of course in the utterly depraved Western world they not only allow women like Emma Watson to learn, but actually encourage it!

Nothing good could possibly come of teaching these simple minded creatures anything besides field work, and thus it should come as no surprise that when the feeble feminine mind is pushed to its limits it quickly breaks down to an hysteric irrational state known as “feminism”. In fact most of the problems in the West stem from this feminist disorder, and it is only getting worse thanks to knowledge hungry lesbodykes like Emma Watson.