Ariana Grande Bent Over Ready To Go

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Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande bends over and gets ready for a righteous pounding of her orifices in the photo above.

Clearly Ariana is eager to get her holes stretched, but unfortunately for her it will not be by the enormous manhood of a Muslim as her position is not halal.

Even though Ariana Grande is prostrated while spreading her butt cheeks (which is required by the holy Qur’an), the fact that she is looking back with a lecherous gleam in her eye is enough to deny her the unimaginable pleasure that comes from serving as a vessel for our mighty meat scuds.

Nothing is more offensive to Allah then female sexuality. If Ariana hopes to get her lady caves stuffed with Muslim meat (like the mountains of Afghanistan during a US air strike) then she must avert her eyes and somehow muster the acting ability to convey displeasure. Which is of course easier said then done when in the presence of the raw masculinity of a Muslim man.