Kendall Jenner Shows Side Butt In A Thong Bikini

kendall-jenner, celeb-jihad

18-year-old half Kardashian Kendall Jenner shows the side of her butt in the thong bikini photo above. This Kendall Jenner thong bikini picture proves what many of us righteous Muslims have long known, namely that being a degenerate whore is genetic.

The debate has been raging for many years in the Islamic world on whether or not the family of girls stoned for crimes against morality should also be executed. Of course the bleeding heart liberal clerics have long argued that it is enough to just lapidate the girl and shame the family, but us more realistic Muslims have made the case that the whole family must be wiped out to ensure the totally eradication of immorality.

Now with this Kendall Jenner thong ass picture as evidence, we can surely convince the Ayatollah and other Muslim leaders that to remove the weed of sin we must dig out the roots at our next high council meeting in the conference room of the airport Hilton in Mecca.