Miley Cyrus Dead, Kristen Stewart Suspected Killer

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I type this now with a heavy heart as the tears welling up in my eyes blur the words on the screen, but it appears as though our beloved secret Muslimina Miley Cyrus is dead!

As you can see in the photo above, Miley’s severed head lays on the floor while Satan worshiping “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart poses naked. One can only suspect that Kristen decapitated Miley on orders from Hollywood’s top Zionists, as Miley had given away so much depravity in recent months that they were having a tough time still profiting from pushing smut in crappy movies (like Twilight).

Rest assured that Miley Cyrus’ death will not go unpunished. As we speak mujahideen from Tehran to Tikrit are mounting their war camels and riding West, swearing to avenge Miley’s martyrdom by destroying all of heathen Hollywood… or at the very least twerking some in Hollywood’s general direction in her honor.