Katy Perry Caught On Video Bullying A Nerd

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Katy Perry is in the midst of a public relations nightmare after being caught on video bullying a nerd.

As you can see, Katy Perry begins her abuse of this dweeb with the classic “what is that on your shirt” gag. However she then quickly escalated into giving a Purple Nurple, follwed by an Atomic Wedgie, before she finishes him off with Wet Willie’s Mexican counterpart known as “Musty Paco” (in which she sticks a finger in her ass and then up the poindexter’s nostril).

Bullying is a growing concern in the infidel West because they have a pussified society in which the weak are coddled. Thankfully in the civilized Islamic world there are no bullying victims, as the runts of the litter are drowned in the river as babies.