Justin Bieber Sexually Assaults His Neighbor

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Once again Justin Bieber is in the center of a controversy after reports surfaced that Justin spat on and assaulted a neighbor when the man confronted Justin about racing his Ferrari on the residential streets.

According to our source that isn’t the whole story, and when the neighbor came over to confront Bieber about his driving, Justin became extremely aroused and pounced on the man while shouting “I’m going to eat your ass until you cry!”.

When Justin’s security team pulled him off the man, Justin threw a hissy fit and screamed, “No! I want to stick a straw in his pee hole and suck out his man juice! Then ride his cock until I bleed!”. Bieber then added “Here let me lube it up for you”, and that is when Justin spat on the man’s groin.

So there you have it, the real story of what went on between Justin Bieber and his neighbor. The Zionist media must think people are pretty stupid if they expect them to believe Bieber had the testicular fortitude to actually fight someone.