Jerry Sandusky Pardoned By Muslim Cleric


Famed pederast Jerry Sandusky will soon be a free man! Revered Muslim cleric Muhammad Al Diddleass has granted Sandusky a pardon under Sharia law (the one true law that supersedes all other laws) and demands that prison officials release him at once.

Only in a corrupt and morally bankrupt country like the US of A could a man like Jerry Sandusky be prosecuted simply for having sex with boys, while homosexuals and loose women roam the streets unmolested by authorities.

Sexual gratification with “dancing boys” has long been a sacred part of holy Muslim culture. By carrying on this tradition brother Sandusky should be commended not vilified, as he is channeling his sexual urges into a Qur’an approved outlet. Any pious Muslim can tell you it is better that Sandusky lay with boys then find himself fornicating with whores like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift or Allah forbid, grown men.