Taylor Swift & Shania Twain Shoot The Homeless

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Country music stars Taylor Swift and Shania Twain were caught in the photo above shooting handguns like typical American hicks.

In the heathen US of A country bumpkins like Swift and Shania get their sick kicks by hunting the world’s most dangerous game… man. Of course the homeless are easy targets for hunts as they are slow, stupid, and unloved.

Like all Americans, after bagging a few hobos Taylor Swift and Shania Twain like to return home to their trailer to unwind with a 6-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, some crystal meth, and the latest Wal-Mart catalog. They then retire to the bedroom for some sinful homo sex consisting of light scissoring and hole tonguing, before swearing allegiance to Satan and Israel and going to sleep.

America truly is dark and twisted place. Allahu Akbar!