Victoria Justice Has A Smart Mouth, Gets A Black Eye

victoria-justice, celeb-jihad

Victoria Justice finally popped off at the mouth to the wrong guy as is evidenced by this photo of her icing a black eye.

Like most infidel females, Victoria Justice thinks it is OK to run her mouth polluting men’s ears with her “opinions” and “feelings”. Some women in the West even go as far as talking back to men while refusing to obey commands!

Thankfully us Muslim men are still capable of putting smart-mouthed women like Victoria Justice in their place, as the chronic case of sass mouth that infects Western women is not something that a few well placed backhand slaps can’t cure.

Once women learn their proper place serving at the heel of a real (Muslim) man they can focus their puny brains on important womanly pursuits like sandwich creation and dick sucking, as that is the will of Allah.