Emma Stone Sinful Ginger Sideboob

emma-stone, celeb-jihad

Following her ginger nature Emma Stone wore a loose fitting open back shirt with no bra, and then waited on a balcony for a gust of wind to come and blow open her shirt exposing her breast.

As it states in the Holy Qur’an, red hair is the mark of a lecherous woman who’s sinful cardinal desires shine through the hair follicles. When confronted with a ginger woman it is best to stone first and ask questions later, less you be subjected to brazen displays of sexual depravity like the Emma Stone sideboob pictures below.

Only the cleansing power of a righteous stoning can save Emma Stone from further acts of debauchery and almost certain damnation. Let us hope Emma travels to a civilized country like Yemen or Qatar, were gingers are dealt with properly before her slutty ginger ways rear their ugly head again.