Jennifer Love Hewitt Vandalizes Black Woman’s Van

jennifer-love-hewitt, celeb-jihad

As you can see in the photo above, newly converted Muslim Jennifer Love Hewitt demonstrates her understanding of the teachings of Islam by vandalizing a black woman’s van.

Jennifer Love Hewitt noticed one Shanice Collins with her 6 children outside a Popeyes in Santa Monica. When Love Hewitt approached Shanice and demanded to know where her male chaperone was, Shanice informed her that “she ain’t got no man”.

As Jennifer is now a devout Muslim and versed in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, she was forced to teach Shanice a lesson by painting the word “Whore” in lamb’s blood on her van. Truly Jennifer Love Hewitt has made a remarkable transformation from Hollywood whore to righteous Muslimina in record time. Praise be to Allah!