Hayden Panettiere Showing Off Her Naked Butt?

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Is this a picture of cheerleader actress and converted Muslim Hayden Panettiere showing off her bare hindquarters? It certainly looks that way!

As a Muslim Hayden Panettiere clearly had a moral and just reason for exposing her naked ass and vag like this. Based on the fine upholstery of the couch she is posing on, I’d say she is in the home of a powerful Sheik, probably auditioning to be a concubine.

Sheik’s often photograph naked potential concubines so that they can show the pictures to an Imam and get approval for their purchase. Hopefully the Imam will look favorably upon this nude photo of Hayden Panettiere so that she may know the unspeakable joy of serving in a virile Muslim man’s harem.