Justin Bieber Bathroom Or Jerry Sandusky Shower?

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Where would you rather go, with Justin Bieber to the bathroom or Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to the showers? For me I think the answer is pretty obvious… Jerry Sandusky to the showers.

Jerry Sandusky is being crucified by the Zionist mainstream media simply for giving under privileged boys one hell of a tour of the Penn State football facilities. Is it Jerry’s fault that he ended every tour by taking the boys into the shower and f*cking them in the ass like real Penn State football players like to do? Well excuse him for giving these kids the authentic Penn State football experience!

Justin Bieber on the other hand is a sick pervert who gets off on banging whores (poorly) in public restrooms. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of trauma those poor girls suffer through after being Biebered by his (probably) deformed genitals over a urinal. They are definitely scared for life. Bieber is definitely one sick f*ck who needs to be locked up. That is my opinion anyway, what is yours?