Taylor Swift Makes Obscene Naked Picture Bet?

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Don’t sue the messenger but it appears as though country music superstar Taylor Swift is up to her old tricks, making an obscene nude photo bet on this weekend’s Alabama vs. LSU football game.

The above photo is making its way around the Internet and appears to show Taylor Swift holding a hand-written contract authorizing someone named “Jeff” to take a graphic naked picture of her if Alabama defeats LSU on Saturday. Taylor Swift’s lawyers should know that I am no way claiming this photo is authentic, but knowing what I do of Taylor Swift’s proclivity for immoral behavior I am inclined to personally believe that it is legit.

One can only hope that LSU beats Alabama this weekend, because if this is real and Taylor Swift poses for a naked photo her millions of dim-witted fans would surely follow her example, and the last thing the Internet needs right now is to be overrun with awkward naked pictures of Taylor Swift’s homely fans.