Taylor Momsen Flashing Video

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As you can see in the video above, 17-year-old singer and stripper Taylor Momsen continued to “shock” the Western establishment by exposing her underage boobs.

Of course Taylor Momsen flashing her teenage breasts would not shock a Muslim because we are a progressive religion, and understand 2 fundamental truths that the backwards West fails to grasp.

The first truth is that all women when left to their own devices will become tremendous whores. As Taylor Momsen shows by repeatedly flashing her boobs, women are weak-minded creatures who know no other way to express themselves except through the use of sex.

The second truth (stemming from the first one) is that to protect her virtue, a woman should be married off at as young an age as possible. If Taylor Momsen would of been brought up in a civilized Muslim country she would of been married well before her 12th birthday, and you damn well better believe she wouldn’t be out flashing her titties right now.

Until the primitive Western nations understand these basic truths about women they will continue to have a base societies infested with whores like Taylor Momsen.